Thursday, February 8, 2007

Taylor Hicks, American Idol

I bought American Idol Taylor Hicks’ new CD and I really like it. All the songs are good. Often when I buy an album I may not care for all the songs. There are only certain singers that I prefer to listen to for an hour. Seldom do I enjoy a full album of a female singer. I’ve always liked Anne Murray, but at the moment cannot think of another female singer that I enjoy listening to a full album of songs. I don’t know why the female singing voice bothers me, but it often does. My favorites have usually been males and, for the most part, country singers. I have always been a Johnny Cash fan, and I’ve always liked Elvis, especially his early songs. I can listen repeatedly to The Eagles, Johnny Lee, Ronnie Millsap, Elton John, Willie Nelson, Rod Stewart, and Meatloaf, for instance. Did I hear recently that The Eagles are coming out with a new album before long? I hope so.

I’m not really into a lot of the current music. I suppose one might say my taste for music is stuck back in the 40's, 50's, and 60's. And there were lots of good songs and singers in those days.

I was a Taylor Hicks fan almost from the beginning of American Idol last season. His dancing and movements were somewhat bizarre at times, but what I saw was genuine talent and charisma. I believe his soulful eyes drew me to him in addition to his soulful singing. There is something about him, not only while singing, that reminds me of the early Elvis Presley. Nancy liked Taylor Hicks, also, and we both wore out our phones voting for him, and lots of votes for Elliott Yahim, too. LOL. Taylor’s on tour now and I hope that increases his album sales. Other American Idol favorites of mine have been Carrie Underwood and Fantasia.

In the numerous interviews I’ve seen since his American Idol win, Taylor appears so genuine, down to earth, laid back, and pleasant. I like that about him. I visited his website last night and there, surprisingly, you can hear a few of his songs in entirety from his new CD. When I purchased his CD I was able to go to his site and download for free his song from the American Idol final, "Do I Make You Proud." I love that one. His website is:

And yes, I am getting into American Idol again this season. I will be glad next week when they start the elimination rounds so we can see what kind of real talent ended up in Hollywood. The shows the last couple of weeks have had on the weirdos, the poor souls who cannot sing a note, and the ones you feel sorry for because they have been convinced by others they can sing.

It’s surprising the huge ratings American Idol receives. It appeals to all ages, young and old. Is it because people like a success story? Does it give hope that all things may be possible? We see examples on each season’s shows of how a singer improves over the weeks, not only vocally, but in style and stage performance. And do we admit we must like the antics of the judges: how silly Paula will be, or how rude Simon will get, and how many times Randy will tell the singer he or she is pitchy? Viewers must find that entertaining. And admittedly, I find little else entertaining on television.

So our Tuesday and Wednesday evenings are booked for a while. And Monday's will be booked when Dancing With the Stars returns. Are you wondering who the athlete dancer will be this next season? Will there be another Jerry Rice or Emmett Smith? And who will be the new George Hamilton or Jerry Springer? That’s another show that can be addicting.

Taylor Hicks on American Idol


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