Saturday, January 20, 2018

Reading Devices

I often smile at comments being made about ereader devices, mainly Kindle.  Some people are resistant to them, yet they will read on their cell phones constantly, whether it be an article or messages.  The point is, you do not need a Kindle or a Kindle Fire, to read an ebook.   You can download the Kindle FREE app to your devices.  I have Kindle app on my Kindle Fire, my phone, and my PC.  I read from my PC more than my other devices.   I suppose I like reading that way because I am so used to writing and reading my manuscript on my PC monitor.  I wonder if some are just stubborn in holding onto the idea that you cannot read a book without the tactile feel of paper. Maybe it's like using the Sears catalog instead of toilet paper. 😉  Wasn't there resistance when we went from vinyl record albums, 33 1/3, 78s, 45s, and left the turntable behind as we went to digital cassettes, CDs, MP3?  Some of you are too young to have used the turntable records, although I hear they are coming back.  So reading has changed, whether it be a newspaper for our daily news, or a book.  I tend to still want nonfiction books I purchase to be in print, especially ones for my research library.  I find it easier to research a print copy.  Maybe that goes back to doing research in volumes of encyclopedias.  As far as fiction, it, too, depends on the book, the author, or genre, if it is something I want on a real bookshelf.  After having to reduce the number of books in my home several times, it's nice not to add bookshelves, especially when downsizing or running out of wall space.  So the future is ebooks.  Just like music changed, so is reading.