Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Interview of author Linda Pendleton by Ben Boulden

Ultimately, all writers long for the opportunity to share their creation with the many. That is why most writers write. But we also write because we have to. We have to allow our creativity the avenue to find its proper place–expressed on the written page.” ~Linda Pendleton

My recent interview with Ben Boulden for his excellent blog, Gravetapping--Read my interview here

Thanks, Ben.  You might also want to check out Ben's latest book,  his second book in Stephen Mertz' Blaze! series of adult Westerns:  Spanish Gold 

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Friday, February 2, 2018

Free UFO Book

Brothers In Space

I stand alone upon the night,
In awe to see the angel’s light;
The cosmos opens like a sea,
Enveloping, embracing me.
My heart beats fast to watch you fly,
A streaking brilliance through the sky,
But just a glimpse as you flash by;
You tip your hat—to say goodbye?
I hold my breath as you return,
Then see your lights, how bright they burn;
This time you slow, and let me see—
Our minds collide–eternity?
I feel the bond, I know the place,
No matter here or outer space;
I ask the question from my heart
Is it too late?  Too late to start?
Within the beam of light I stand,
My soul leaps forward to expand;
I know my brother comes to find
A gift of love from all mankind.
~ Linda Pendleton

Crop Circles in the Fields, Objects in the Skies; and Creature in the Bedroom is a FREE book by Linda Pendleton. It is a collection of articles related to the idea that extraterrestrials do exist and periodically have made visits to earth, and continue to do so. As a result there appears to be evidence of their existence and has led to studies and research by scientific methods. A look at extraterrestrial contact, abduction, UFO crop circles, by professional researchers, including the late Harvard professor, psychiatrist John E. Mack, author of two books on abduction research, including his research into the sightings by 62 school children in 1994 in Ruwa, Zimbabwe; newspaper article written by Stephen Coan of The Witness Newspaper, Pietermaritzburg, South Africa about American filmmaker Randall Nickerson who is making a documentary on the Ruwa sighting; Nuclear physicist, UFO researcher and author, Stanton Friedman writing on the UFO challenge; crop circles researcher, and president of the BLT Research Team, Inc., Nancy Talbott, and her intensive research on crop circles in the Netherlands; Lucy Pringle, photographer, International authority on crop circles and pioneer researcher into effects of electromagnetic field on living systems; Contactee, Athena Demetrios, medium and author; Shawn Randall, crop circle researcher, medium and author; stories of personal UFO sightings by three authors, decades apart; and a look at the United States Space Policy, adopted 2006.


 Brothers In Space, Copyright 2000, Linda Pendleton.  Appeared in Whispers From the Soul by Don and Linda Pendleton, 2000.  

Download the FREE Book at my page at Smashwords