Monday, April 14, 2014

The Creative Rationale by Author, Don Pendleton. A Unique Look at Writing the Novel

“The writer is always working from his own individual world view, whatever the subject, so an honest writer cannot conceal himself in the work no matter how hard he may try to do so.”–Don Pendleton (1927–1995)

Renowned author, the late Don Pendleton, recorded "The Creative Rationale" in 1986.  It became the opening to the book, The Metaphyics of the Novel. The Inner Workings of a Novel and a Novelist by Don Pendleton, with Linda Pendleton.  

Don's unique and inspirational look at the creative processes that move the modern novel and what creative forces move the novelist is not only for aspiring writers but for those who love books.  

Don Pendleton is known as the father of the Action/Adventure, a genre he created with his original The Executioner: Mack Bolan Series.  The first book was published in 1969, War Against the Mafia. After book 38 of the series, Don franchised his characters to Harlequin and they continue to publish The Executioner Series, now about 1,000 books.  In addition to Mack Bolan, Don wrote SciFi, mysteries, including the Joe Copp Private Eye Series; Ashton Ford Psychic Detective Series.   His books have been published in many languages world-wide.   So who better to turn to for an understanding of the creative rationale than a successful novelist, whose career spanned many years and many books.   

Author Jon Guenther had this to say:  "I can guarantee first hand that The Metaphysical of the Novel is invaluable for anyone with the genuine desire to write and publish their book."  

Author Stephen Mertz, who knew Don for many years, said this about the book, "A profound study of the spiritual aspects of the novelist's art.  If you're looking for a quick-fix list of agents and the like, look elsewhere.  Pendleton has deeper truths to share in a work that entertains as it enlightens, examining the creative rationale that is the source of good writing."  

I consider this book to be an important book for aspiring writers, just as Don did.  In listening to Don's unique approach to creativity, I believe you will understand why.

~Linda Pendleton


Saturday, April 12, 2014

Building Suspense in Fiction

This is an excellent video by three successful writers on building suspense in fiction writing.   I found their views on first person vs third person of particular interest.  I have written in both viewpoints.  My Catherine Winter Private Investigator Series is in first person.  My last novel, Sound of Silence is in third, and the current novel I am writing is again in third.  It's a toss up as to which I prefer, but I think third person is less restrictive and allow for more freedom in creativity.  

Outlines--I have never liked them, going back many years to my high school and college days.  So I do not use them.

I've written screenplays so I can identify somewhat with what both Paul and Lee have to say about screenwriting, which they have both done.