Monday, March 24, 2014

Johnny Cash, the Man in Black, Lives On

Johnny Cash was always a favorite of mine.  I had the opportunity to see him in concert numerous times over the years. 

I am happy to see the release of “Out Among the Stars,” a new album of songs we’ve never heard before.  Already I have two favorites from the album, the title song, “She Used to Love Me a Lot,” and “I Came To Believe.”  Both songs have been released for preview prior to the release of the full album. 

The album goes on sale March 25, 2014.  The 12 songs on the album, Out Among the Stars, were written in the early 1980s according to John Carter Cash, son of Johnny and June Carter Cash.  John Carter discovered the songs among his parents belongings, and had this to say about being able to release this album:  “It was like coming face-to-face with my dad. He’s in perfect voice.”

Also on the album is a duet by Johnny and June, “Baby Ride Easy,” which their son considers it to be a powerful song as good as their song “Jackson”

I look forward to hearing all of the album. 

The full album and Mp3 files is at