Sunday, September 30, 2012

Don Pendleton's "The Guns of Terra 10"

In 1970, Don Pendleton's Science Fiction novel,  The Guns of Terra 10, was published.  It sold well. Even years later, one could walk into most used bookstores and find copies of it. I know I did.  And now, 42 years later (eeh gads!) I have published it again.  It is available now at Kindle.  

Earth is being invaded by treacherous aliens and the gunship Terra 10, the earth’s only hope, is in the enemy’s power!

Zach Whaleman, the Gunner of Terra 10, was moving fast, out into the darkness. A long-dormant instinct had arisen in response to his urgent need, a very human and entirely “natural” response of a life-mechanism in a survival situation. He had a weapon now! Let them catch him. Let them. He would kill them! He would do everything he had to do to save the super-secrets of Terra 10. 

Originally published in 1970 by Don Pendleton, the creator of the long-running action/adventure series, The Executioner: Mack Bolan.

Cover designed by Judy Bullard.

~Linda Pendleton