Sunday, January 13, 2008

Same War.....Different Year

As of January 1, 2008 at least 3,904 U.S. Military have died since the beginning of the Iraq War, according to A.P.

Due to my personal circumstances, I have been away from a lot of news coverage in recent weeks, but even if I had been "on top of the news" the Iraq war coverage has taken a secondary position with the presidential campaign taking the majority of air time.

What will that number, 3,904, grow to by January 2009, the month a new President comes into power?

What then?

What now?

As many of us knew, G. W. Bush will not end the war, will not bring our troops home. Nope. He's happy to leave all this dirt to be cleaned up by others.

Today, on his mid-east trip, in a meeting with General Petraeus, Bush refused to commit to Iraq troop withdrawal, and even indicated a slowing or halting of planned troop withdrawal.

Also on this trip he is expected to promise 20 BILLION in advanced weaponry to his hand-holding buddies, the Saudi Arabia royal family.

Last fall when the weapons deal first surfaced, opposition from Congress soon posponed it. However on Monday the Bush administration is notifying Congress it intends to conclude the deal. Did you get that? 20 BILLION of advanced precision guided missils!

The Democrats are wanting change. That sounds good. The majority of Americans have wanted change for quite sometime. I'm beginning to believe that "change" is only an illusion.

Nothing really changes in politics and government.