Sunday, February 10, 2013

Knowing Abraham Lincoln: Writings Of and About Our Sixteenth President

 Just in time for Abraham Lincoln's Birthday, available in Print and in Amazon Kindle.
Abraham Lincoln has had a place in U. S. history unparalleled by all other presidents, not only for the position he held during a very difficult time but for his dedication and determination to return the country to unity and to dissolve slavery.  He would forever change the history of our country, and even today has influenced politics.

In this look at Lincoln through the eyes of those who knew him, and through his own writings, a unique and fuller portrait of the man emerges, somewhat different than the usual comments one reads about him.  He was intuitive and held a belief that he had  always been guided by a “higher power,” and that it was his destiny to lead the country through turmoil and challenges of the Civil War.  He had an interest in spirit communication and mediums, and was considered by many to be a Spiritualist, and credible reports included herein, verify that.

This book gives fresh insight into our greatest president, revealing his compassion, humor, honesty, and wisdom.