Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Rex Stout, Author

“I never make up characters, I never contrive them, I know damn well that if I bring someone into a story—I don’t care if it’s just a man carrying a ladder—unless I’m interested in him then the reader can’t be.  So if I’m tempted to make up a character just to save time I wait till I get there and let him make up his mind what he’s like.  Now that sounds funny; impossible even.  But any half-ways decent storyteller knows that as far as possible you let the characters make the decisions.” 
–Rex Stout, American Author (1886-1975), Creator of Nero Wolfe Series, From Rex Stout, A Majesty’s Life by John McAleer.

How true his words are, and how fun when our characters write their story.

Rex Stout had an amazing long life, 89 years, a fifth-generation Quaker, a scholar, mathematical prodigy, founded the ETS, the Education Thrift Services, the bank savings program for school children, political activist for many causes, including racial tolerance, authors rights, and of course, a best selling author for many years. I recommend finding a copy of the 600 page award winning scholarly biography by John McAleer, published in 1977, new edition, 2002. 

And he is my 7th cousin:  We share grandparent ancestors, Richard Stout and Penelope (Van Princin) Stout.

Rex Stout

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Don Pendleton's The Godmakers

Don Pendleton's The Godmakers, is now in Print and Kindle at Amazon

Originally published in 1970, under the name Dan Britain, and then under Don Pendleton.  I'm pleased to bring Don's Science Fiction back.