Saturday, November 26, 2016

Don Pendleton Speaks on His Writing of His Executioner Series.

Don Pendleton, creator of The Executioner: Mack Bolan Series, and considered "the father of action/adventure," speaks in this short video about his writing of the Series.  The first book in the Series, War Against the Mafia was published in 1969, had numerous printings, domestic and foreign, and Don went on to write 37 books before franchising his characters to Halequin, and since about 900 books have been published with this Mack Bolan characters. 

Don also published the Joe Copp Private Eye Series; the Ashton Ford Psychic Detective Series; Roulette, the Search for the Sunrise Killer (with Linda Pendleton); other fiction and nonfiction books throughout his long career. He also wrote a book for aspiring writers--The Metaphysics of the Novel, The Inner Workings of a Novel and a Novelist by Don Pendleton with Linda Pendleton.  The book are in print, ebooks.  The Copp Series and Ford Series are also in audio.   


Don Pendleton's The Executioner Series, Books 1-3 in eBook Bundle

Don Pendleton's The Executioner Series of Novels

37 in all.  First published beginning in 1969. 

Now ebooks (1-15 and 17-38).

The first three ebooks are in a bundle, and sale priced on Monday, November 28, 2016.

War Against the Mafia:  In the jungles of Southeast Asia, no sniper was more ruthless than Mack Bolan. After twelve years in-country, with ninety-five confirmed kills, he returns home only to find that his father has gone berserk, slaughtering his family before taking his own life.  For the sake of his father, Bolan declares war on the men who drove him mad—the Mafia. 

Death Squad:  Hunted by the police, the FBI, and every mobster in America, Mack Bolan plans his next attack with the help of his Death Squad, ten soldier pals from the Vietnam battlefields.

Battle Mask:  With a bounty on his head, and every cop in Los Angeles hot on his tail, Mack Bolan, with a new look, and his own trademark cunning, infiltrates the mob syndicate. 

These first three books of Don's Executioner Series are also available in print for the first time since the late 1980s.

Published by Open Road Media and available at Kindle, Nook, Kobo, iTunes, Google, indiebooks.


Friday, November 4, 2016

Encouragement to Read and Write Books


"If you wish to be a writer, write."
–Epictetus, C. 50-120 A.D.

  Me and Daddy. 

My father was an avid reader, mainly mass market paperback books, although my parents did subscribe to Book of the Month Club.  Of those books I recall Kon-tiki, Payton Place, Captain and Kings, What Makes Sammy Run, A Woman Called Fancy, all of which I read as a kid, along with others.  Daddy would read every night as soon as he finished reading the newspaper.  He always had a book in his hand, whether he was watching TV, or just sitting in his upholstered platform rocker in the living room.  He was the main reason I came to appreciate books as I did.  After I was married, he would often give me a bag of paperback books, usually lots of Detectives and Westerns, Louis L'Amour, Max Brand, and a few spicy books (spicy for those days of the early 1960s).  I recall reading one of the spicy popular gems, and deciding I could write that.  So one night after putting my two young children to bed, I got out my typewriter and began to write a sexy novel.  Didn't go well.  I gave up on the second night.  So for a time that squelched by writing career.  I told my Daddy and he just smiled.  A couple of years later, I wrote a nonfiction children's science proposal and sent it off to NY.  I soon had a response and the editor wanted to see my manuscript when completed.  Well, that scared the hell of me!  I never finished the manuscript!  Soon after I did write a children's storybook but NY turned it down.  I often wish my Dad was still here to experience my writing since those days.  He passed in 1978, before I seriously got back into writing.  But I thank him for encouraging me to read!   

Did you receive encouragement from someone to read books?