Thursday, February 8, 2007

Could Impeachment Finally Be on The Way?

So about that Nerd we have in the White House. Great news today because he finally pissed off a Congressman who won't take it any more. And he's a Republican. I'm sure most of you in the Western states has heard about the trial and imprisonment of two Texas border patrol agents, Campion & Ramos. While doing their job they shot a drug runner in the buttocks as he was attempting to drive a van full of marijuana over the border. Sadly both border patrol agents had to leave their wives and children and report to jail in January even though there has been a public outrage about the charges. The Federal prosecutor apparently has deaf ears. Mr. Illegal Drug Runner is suing the US for 5 million dollars. Ramos has already received a beating even while confined alone to his cell for 23 hours a day. Congressman Dana Rohrbacher, R California, was so infuriated when he heard of the beating, saying at a news conference on Wednesday, that he will start impeachment hearings against the President if any more harm comes to Campion or Ramos. This story has been in our news and on talk radio for several months with web sites devoted to getting this injustice out to the public; petitions have been presented to the White House and still our president has not gotten around to "looking into this matter".

There are several things our current "Leader" (I refuse to call him President) has done that should have resulted in a threatened impeachment, but so far none of it has led to anything. I guess we are going to take forever to charge the illiterate idiot so he can scoot out of office with what he thinks is a great record.

After all, he is the decider.


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Terry in AZ said...

Evidently there's more to it than that. The agents didn't report the shooting, tried to cover it up. There's a comment from the US Attorney here: