Saturday, February 10, 2007

Author Interviews by Linda

Recently I did a long interview/discussion with best-selling author Richard S. Prather, creator of the Shell Scott Mystery series. I hoped to create an unique and informative interview with a look at Richard S. Prather’s long writing career and his life. He is now eighty-five years of age. I believe we accomplished what we set out to do. I recently posted the interview to my late husband’s website,

It was in 1950 that Richard’s first Shell Scott mystery novel, The Case of the Vanishing Beauty, was published by Fawcett’s Gold Medal Paperback Originals. His successful and best-selling Shell Scott series of thirty-six novels plus four short story collections, published between 1950 and 1987, have sold over 40 million copies in the United States and have enjoyed foreign language publication, selling millions more world-wide. In addition to the Shell Scott mysteries, Richard penned three novels under pseudonyms. He wrote the first Dragnet novel based on the television show, Dragnet titled, Dragnet: Case No. 561, published under the name, David Knight; used that same pseudonym for the initial publication of Pattern for Murder, later republished by Gold Medal Books as The Scrambled Yeggs by Richard S. Prather; and used the pen name Douglas Ring for The Peddler, which was later republished under his own name by Gold Medal. He also published a number of short stories; and lent his name to the Shell Scott Mystery Magazine. The Peddler, a non-Shell Scott book, is now back in print, released by Hard Case Crime in November, 2006.

I enjoy doing interviews with authors. On the sidebar, Author Interviews by Linda Pendleton, in addition to the Prather interview, you will find links to two other interviews I’ve done with friends. Athena Demetrois, medium and trance-channel for the spirt guide, James Martin Peebles, Dr. Peebles being the subject of two of my nonfiction books. Athena hopes to soon publish her book on her journey of healing and spiritual growth. Her life story is an important one as she suffered sexual abuse as a very young child, and in her search for God she had a spiritual awaking and found healing. The other interview is with E. Nora Amrani, metaphysician, and author of American Indian Women Poets: Women Between Worlds.

I have also added links on the sidebar to two of my slide show meditations. Soul Reflections features my original nature photos, famous quotations, and beautiful instrumental music by Carey Landry. The second, Forgiveness Meditation also features a beautiful song by Carey Landry. If you need a few minutes to escape from the chaos of the day, I believe you will find the meditations enjoyable and relaxing.

Also on the sidebar are new links to my ECards and to my Sedona, Arizona original photographs. Please visit my free Ecards and send them to your friends and loved ones. I lived in among the beautiful red rocks of Sedona for nine years. I hope you enjoy viewing the beauty of nature.


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