Saturday, February 3, 2007

Linda's Saturday Night Musings

I am excited to have a joint blog with my sister, Nancy. After getting the blog up and going today, my last couple of hours have been spent wondering what to write for my first entry.

I am an author. When asked what I write, my response most often is, "Fiction and nonfiction. My writing goes from flying angels to flying bullets!" I may also then add, "Of course, not usually in the same book."

My writings cover a variety of genres: inspirational/new age nonfiction, mystery/suspense, Comic books, poetry, angel cards, ecourses, and screenplays. A lifelong interest in the fields of metaphysics and the paranormal has influenced my writing and research.

In 1990, the nonfiction book, "To Dance With Angels," coauthored with my husband, renowned author Don Pendleton, was published by Kensington Books, and is now in its fourth edition. The book is a definitive study of life and death and spirit communication and was my first book of several nonfiction books in the area of metaphysics, spirit communication, the paranormal, and self-help.

My fiction includes mystery, suspense, historical novels; Comic adaptation and scripting of two of my late husband’s action/adventure series novels, "The Executioner: War Against the Mafia" and "Death Squad"; screenplay adaptations of several of our novels; and an original screenplay. I recently completed a private eye novel (doing the hard work now of finding a publisher) and am currently at work on two novels. You can read more about my books at my website:

Actually I have three websites, listed below under Favorite Links. My excellent web designer, Judy will probably be thrilled to see I now have a blog so I won’t be bugging her all the time to add to my websites. LOL

I was pleased to learn today that Dr. Elisabeth Kubler-Ross was recently inducted into the National Women’s Hall of Fame, 2007. It is too bad she was not given that honor before her passing in August of 2004. She was an incredible woman, and I was lucky enough to have known her personally. Her last book, "On Grief and Grieving," written with David Kessler, completed shortly before her death, is excellent for anyone who has lost a loved one. Her work on death and dying has impacted millions of people and will continue to do so for many years to come.

I was saddened earlier this week to learn of author Sydney Sheldon’s death. I very much enjoyed his novels. His characterization of female protagonists was so good that you’d forget a man had written the book. I heard him speak at the Santa Barbara California Writers Conference in 1983 or 1984. A very interesting man.

Until next time, Linda

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