Tuesday, February 27, 2007

A Life Lived in Chaos?

So where are we as a society when we seem to thrive on the lives and heartbreak of others? Is it in our DNA to gossip and watch how others make mistakes, downgrade their success, believe the unbelievable about others? Or does it satisfy our need to feel our lives are better and we’re superior to others?

We all decide how we live our lives and what choices we make for our children and ourselves. Sometimes, in retrospect, we question those choices, wondering if we chose wrong. I was fortunate enough to grow up in a family with parents, grandparents, aunts and cousins who all had a deep regard for what is right and proper. My father has often been described as a man of character, brilliant and gentle. He certainly always seemed that way to me. I knew my boundaries, by example, and by word. As my son David raised his daughters and stepsons, I watched how patient, loving and gentle he was and how he taught them. He also instilled a great sense of humor in his children. Watching your children raise children is one of the most beautiful experiences we can hope for in this life.

All of us know someone we could label as a "Drama Queen", don’t we? Someone who is always in turmoil, the worst that can happen, does happen. They walk around with a cloud over their head. Sometimes they talk about "bad karma"; not understanding that would be their own doing. Oftentimes these people come from a fractured family, poor and with little education. They strive throughout their lives for approval and validation, however hard that may be to achieve. Sadly, a life lived in chaos can sometimes end in chaos as the life of Anna Nicole Smith has ended.

My main "Fluffy"*, Craig Ferguson, made the news last week when he discussed during his monologue how he didn’t feel we should all be jumping on the band wagon to ridicule Britney Spears. He talked about how her life was out of control, how young she is and has 2 babies at home who need her. She needs support, not ridicule and media attention so that she may be allowed time to get her life together. Craig Ferguson spent many years of his life, much of it a blur and not remembered, due to alcohol and drugs. He hopes that her life doesn’t end as sadly as that of Anna Nicole Smith. As do I.

* Fluffy: noun: my dream man; the object of my unfulfilled lust/love


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