Saturday, December 4, 2010

Our Multiple Device World

According to Jeff Bezos, founder of, the Kindle is a “purpose-filled device where no trade-offs have been made, where every design decision as your walking down the process has been for optimized reading.”

Bezos refers to the Kindle as an electronic paper display, comfortable to the eyes, and for ease of reading. He stated, “Buy once—Read everywhere.” That might include buying a Kindle book and reading it on your PC, as I do, or on a Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, and other devices.

As of last July, Amazon had 630,000 Kindle books, and the large majority priced under $9.99. In addition, 8 million Public Domain books.

I believe it will be interesting to see how the sales of the Kindle and Kindle books increase over this next couple of months with holiday sales.

The visionary Jeff Bezos has also allowed for individual Kindle book titles to now be given directly as gifts, minus messing around with a general gift certificate.

It may be a multiply device world as Jeff Bezos refers to it, but darn looks like all you need is a Kindle to read your favorite books.

Jeff Bezos and Charlie Rose having this discussion.


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