Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amazon Built It And They Have Come

Build it and they will come, and Jeff Bezos of Amazon.com has done just that. Bezos had a dream, a dream to build the biggest bookstore in the world. Looks like he has achieved that. It is now said that about three quarters of book sales in the United States are at Amazon, and even publishers make about half of their sales through Amazon.

But Jeff Bezos wanted to build more. And he did so with the Amazon Kindle. The current popularity of ebooks now gives authors an excellent opportunity to self-publish. I have been publishing ebooks for a decade but the recent interest in ebooks, mainly due to Jeff Bezos’ Kindle and the nice royalty he pays authors, has nicely increased sales and acceptance of the ebook platform. Bezos’ did not stop at the Kindle reader alone, but has expanded that to include the Kindle in various applications including PCs, Blackberry, and other apps. I use my PC for Kindle reading, and especially for samples of books prior to purchase.

I’ve always personally admired Jeff Bezos. Not only do I enjoy his “weird” sense of humor (he makes me laugh) but how he puts his visionary ideas and business sense into action. Authors and readers alike are benefiting from one man’s dream. Yes, Jeff Bezos built it and look how they have come.

Those authors who are visionary and decide to “build it” and follow their dreams will discover, “they will come.”

It’s exciting. And fun, too.

I have reduced prices on our ebooks at Kindle for the holidays. That includes Don Pendleton’s Ashton Ford Psychic Detective series and his Joe Copp Private Eye Thrillers.


Dodge Winston said...

Yes, Amazon is huge. They have their fingers in everything. That is kind of scary. But they are a great venue for books. I just wanted to swing on by and see what fellow Smashwords folks are up to here. Visit my site sometime. I dig visitors!

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Dodge,
Thanks for the comments and the visit to my blog. Your books sound interesting and good luck with them. I still have more books to add to Smashwords soon. Others are up at Kindle, though.