Sunday, December 12, 2010

Max's First Christmas

This is why I won't have a Christmas tree this year. This is Max's first Christmas. He's six months old.



Summer said...

Max is adorable, Linda. In order to keep my daughter's kitten (named "Kittenian") out of the Christmas tree, I had two trees. One smaller, inexpensive one, with no lights, just a few paper ornaments, and old (cat safe) ornaments I didn't care about anymore, and a paper star at the top of the tree. Then I sprinkled it liberally with catnip! It worked, she climbed into that little tree, and spent hours perched like the jungle cat she believed herself to be. Anyway, Meow-ry Christmas to you! :)

Linda Pendleton said...

He is adorable and lovable, Summer. Well, two trees won't work here, and this guy doesn't like cat nip either. Pays no attention to it. LOL

I'm sure Max would love a tree to sit in and climb, though.

Merry Christmas...and have fun with all your doggies and kitties.

Anonymous said...

Well, I know the new Max, and he's definitely worth not having a tree. He's far more entertaining. They say animals and laughter are good for the mind and body, Linda should live forever. Love, Annie

Anonymous said...

I didn't know you'd gotten a new cat, Linda! What does Snicker's think of all that?