Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Michael Jackson

“Michael saw everything with his heart.” ~Brooke Shields

In watching the Michael Jackson Tribute today I was most moved by his friend Brooke Shields and all she said about Michael. It brought tears.

I thought the tribute was very nice and I was amazed that it was put together so quickly.

Charlie Chaplin, Smile



John Hayes said...

I didn't watch the tribute, but I did read that Jermaine Jackson sung "Smile." "Modern Times" is one of my very favorite movies, & I like that song a lot. Have you ever heard Jimmy Durante's version? It's quite good.

Pat said...

I couldn't tear myself away from the TV - I watched the whole tribute. I have mixed feelings about the whole coverage - I can't believe it was carried on all the major networks for the whole time AND that's all the networks talked about for days. There had to be other news. I'm not saying Michael Jackson wasn't a great pop star - he was. When a newscaster from LA interviewed Lester Holt (another newscaster from NY), Lester said that he didn't remember this much attention given to someone except when the Pope came to visit.

There were many touching moments in the tribute - Brooke Shields being one of them. It was very said when Michael's daughter spoke.

Linda Pendleton said...

Hi John
Yes, in the past I have heard Jimmy Durante. Thanks for your comments.

Hi Pat, I know what you mean about the coverage his death has received, and it is still going on. I would say the media has gone overboard on this. But the tribute was nice.

Yes, hearing his daughter was sad.

Silver said...

Took me some time on loading time..:( very slow connection here.. but it was a good watch.


Linda Pendleton said...

Hi Silver,

Glad you got to see it. :-)

Frankie Anon said...

It was very touching, especially knowing how much they had in common. Brooke's mother had her posing nude at 10. Michael's father apparently saw him as a money machine. I didnt' watch the memorial, but from what I have seen and read, it seems like often it was more like a concert or performance than a memorial...some performers had never even met M.J. Brooke's personal and touching remembrance was lovely.