Friday, July 10, 2009

Bookstore Event

I attended a Cheese-Wine Reception at a used/new bookstore for the Two Year Anniversary celebration today from 5 to 8, with a few other local authors. It was enjoyable talking with the other authors and sharing ideas, and speaking with people who wanted to know more about writing and publishing, or who are in the process of writing books themselves. My friend Anne went with me and spent an hour or so there, which was nice, as bookstore signings can be a little uncomfortable if no one shows up. LOL

Some of the people were interested in self-publishing, Print on Demand, E-books and the Kindle was mentioned.

My friend Michele has a Kindle and she loves it. She finds it handy while traveling or even all the time and does not have to worry about filled bookshelves. Maybe she has a point. Those of us who love books around, whether we read them or not, can have overflowing bookshelves and it can be hard to clear out books. I had to do that when I moved, and some books are hard to let go.

I read earlier today that has come out with the new Kindle: Amazon's 6" Wireless Reading Device for $299.00. It holds 1500 books, and with a selection of over 300,000 books and magazines and newspapers to buy and download in less than a minute.

Maybe one of these days I will get one.



Pat said...

My husband would love a Kindle. Me? I love the smell and feel of a book. When we sold our home, got rid of our things to start traveling in our trailer, we donated 650 books to our library. We also stored some books, and I brought over 100 paperbacks with me in the trailer! A Kindle might be nice for a short trip, but give me a book!

Frankie Anon said...

I love my real books. They warm a room, I love how they feel, I like annotating them. But I have to admit, I've thought more and more about a Kindle. It would be great for traveling, especially long trips. I probably will get one someday.

Ricky Kendall said...

My brother was toying with this idea over twenty years ago. The technology just didn't exist. Now that it does, I don't understand why these are not used in our schools. They might be expensive but when you tally up the cost of all those school books, it's really quite a savings.

Granted, it would be best to only use these when the children are old enough to care for them but I really think the time has come to save the trees and get our schools into the 21st century.

Linda Pendleton said...

it is difficult to give up the physical books but for many who travel or don't have room to store it looks like a good option.

Ricky, maybe one day we will all have Kindle or something similar and yes, Ricky I would imagine it is coming for schools one of these days. If not already. I did hear that aschool science book is online (maybe a test to see how it works). Will sure save the back and shoulders of many kids instead of lugging books home.