Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Dream Without End: Susan Boyle

Susan Boyle had another fantastic performance of I Dreamed A Dream on the Britain’s Got Talent final. Although she came in second in the competition, beaten out by a dance group, Diversity, she has surely achieved her dream.

“The greatest performance I’ve seen in Britain’s Got Talent history,” judge Piers Morgan told her. “You should win this competition, I loved it."

Word is that judge and music promoter Simon Cowell has big plans for her. Apparently he said, "It's the biggest phenomenon I've ever seen out of any of my shows," in regards to her world wide appeal and her talent.

I feel bad that she will not have this opportunity as winner to perform for the Queen, but maybe she will get a chance at some point in the future to do so. She was very gracious in her losing to the dance act. But heck, she has already won....

America’s Got Talent returns for a new season on June 23rd.

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Pat said...

I was so disappointed to hear that Susan Boyle came in second, for who could possibly top her? I wonder if it had anything to do with some of the negative press she had this past week, or because Piers Morgan said in his interview on the Today Show that she was going to win. Could that have pissed off some of the voters? Anyway, I'm sure she'll have a wonderful future and not go back into the woodwork.

Silver said...

Like what has been said..she has already won. She has won the hearts of many, she will never remain the same after this. How can she possibly be? She's phenomenally famous now!!

Ronda Laveen said...

Thanks for the update. I didn't know the outcome until your post. Can't imagine dancers beating her out.