Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol and the Top Three

It’s gotta be Adam Lambert. He is brilliant, and such a talent. He sang One by Bono, U2 for the Cowell song choice and Simon Cowell said “It was a brilliant, brilliant performance.” He then sang Crying by Aerosmith. I believe he is the best talent that has ever been on American Idol. Simon then said Adam deserved it based on talent. So right.

I really like everything that Chris Allen does, and have all season.

I’ve always loved Joe Cocker’s song You Are So Beautiful but I did not care for Danny Gokey’s rendition of it tonight, although the judges did.

All three of them are good but Adam stands so far above the other two with his talent. This is a tough year. The top five have been good, but again, Adam tops them all with his voice, his artistry, his uniqueness, and his stage presence.

I called in votes tonight but my votes will make little if any impact on the 76 million plus votes that will be cast.


photos by American Idol.

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