Saturday, May 2, 2009

Adam Lambert Should be American Idol, But Will He?

Many of us were surprised by Adam Lambert being in the "bottom" two this past week on American Idol. That guy is so very talented. I often see Elvis in his eyes. First time I saw him I saw that. He's a good looking guy.

This morning I was irritated by a Rutgers news article about Adam Lambert's personal life. The reporter, whoever she or he was, (not identified) seemed to have a need to make Adam's personal sexual identity an issue. The title of the news article posted at MSNBC is "Are 'Idol' fans ready for a gay champion?" with a subtitle, "Adam has never confirmed sexual preference, just says, 'I am who I am.'"

First off, I applaud Adam for that answer given to any question about his sexuality. "I am who I am." But I quote from the news article: "With three weeks to go before the 'American Idol' final, Lambert, 27, is favored to win the No. 1 U.S. television talent show and become, possibly, the first gay or bisexual singer to be handed the 'Idol' title by millions of Americans."

Hey, come on. Second, since when did sexual identity matter within the music business ie.; Elton John, or the entertainment business, ie.; Ellen, Rosie, and all the others who most knew where gay whether they came out of the closet in the past or not?

And where has this reporter been. There have been other gays on the show, and an issue was not made about it.

The closet door is open. We know have five states that recognize same sex marriage, and there will be more before long. Numerous states have recognized other gay rights. So all I can say to this reporter, whoever he or she is, get over it. It doesn't matter, and it sure as hell does not matter in judgement of someone's talent.

Although many fans of American Idol are younger, many of us are older. This year is a talented bunch, more so than I recall. I wish all four could win: Adam, Allison, Chris are my favorites, with Danny next. But three will not win. I think all will have record deals, and maybe Anoop and Matt will also. Lil, was also good but not so outstanding, for me. (do I sound like Randy?) Allison is quite incredible for her age, just turned 17 a few days ago. Her unusual voice and style is something.

Here is Adam singing Smokey Robinson's The Tracks of My Tears

and here is Adam singing Come to Me, Bend to Me from Brigadoon, five years ago at age 22. He's a very sensitive and a dramatic singer, with an incredible range, and diverse style. His unique talent makes him the best pick for American Idol. He's worked hard on his music for several years because he loves music. He loves astrology and is an Aquarian, and Aquarians are said to be trend setting and forward thinking. He says this is his favorite quote:

"When the power of love covercomes the love of power, the world will know peace." ~Jimi Hendrix

Now tell me that isn't talent!

And tell me if it really matters what his sexual orientation is? If you watch him perform, or if you pick up the phone to vote each week, do you think, oh, wait a minute, he could be gay or bisexual....American Idol...I don't know.

Stupid, huh?



Frankie Anon said...

I love Adam's voice and energy, and I hope he wins. This whole "first gay Idol" thing is so annoying. First, who cares? Second, Clay Aiken is gay (and doing quite well, though not my cup of tea.) When we have our first openly gay President, that will be news. All these media outlets create these non-story tempests to get play. Maybe they'll give it up now that they have the Swine Flu to get in a lather about.

Linda Pendleton said...

Yes, I know, so silly to make an issue. And they are getting in a lather over Swine flu--creating fear.

Let's hope Adam can win...