Sunday, September 7, 2008

Freedoms, Amy Goodman, RNC, Abuse of Power and Accountability

The arrests last week during the Republican National Convention of several journalists, including award winning broadcast journalist, author and syndicated columnist, Amy Goodman gave my good friend, artist, musician, and songwriter, Ricky Kendall cause to speak out. I invited him to be my guest blogger.

His comments:

I am outraged. Amy Goodman is kind, gentle, intelligent and soft spoken. She is one of the best voices for Democracy I know. I have not seen anything so outrageous since the 60's.

The Democrats had best get their asses off their couches and vote. They need to make sure that the Republicans are booted out of office. It should have been done four years ago. What's next? If the Republicans are left in office our rights will be in shambles. This case with Amy Goodman is a very good example of what we may all face if the executive branch is left unchecked.

This country has got to be taken back from these far right zealots or we will find ourselves hiding, just as many Germans did during that reign of terror. Anyone who thinks that something so horrendous would never happen in the "Wonderful United States" had better stop and take a look around them. I can give some examples from how I have been feeling lately as a gay man.

I'm worried that, having come out of the closet so many years ago, there is too much evidence of who I am and what I am. The gays who had revealed themselves in Germany were comfortable being who they were and living their lives "out". They were eventually rounded up and used a kindling.

I fear that If I lean too far left in my daily conversations, I could be attacked by the government for being too outspoken.

I'm afraid to state my beliefs at work for fear of being fired.

I'm afraid to put a bumper sticker on my car for fear it will be vandalized.

I fear for our children who are being taught to hate and taking that hate with them to adulthood.

I fear that President Bush and Vice President Chaney will get away with what they have done and set the stage for a Presidium as in the USSR decades ago. They have set a very disturbing precedence.

Most of all, I fear for the future of our country.

We can stand by and let this happen just like the Germans did or, through political change, make sure that those who abuse their power are punished. From the Civil Servant protecting our streets to the President of the United States, there must be accountability. When they abuse their power they must pay a very high price which should include life in prison when lives are taken through their eagerness to raise their power and suppress those they are supposed to protect.

I will not let fear rule my world because that is what this administration wants of me. I feel it but I don't have to curl up in a corner and hide. I will remain who I am and I will do everything that I can to protect this nation from this anvil of greed and power that is weighing this country down.

~ Ricky

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Nancy Tarver said...

Ricky, I too was shocked at the storm troopers at the RNC. Why there was not more coverage was shameful.Sadly, this is just another thing that will be swept under the carpet, like so much that has been for 8 years. Just be thankful we have an election weeks away, and a huge surge (the kind I want) of new registered Democrats. Go about in peace, we outnumber them. Nancy