Thursday, September 25, 2008

America's Got Talent, Eli Mattson Sings

The finals of America's Got Talent is really a hard one this third season. All five finalists are very good! Neal E. Boyd has a beautiful voice, and the Nuttin But Stringz are very entertaining, and I like Donald Braswell, and Emily sounds pretty good...BUT I love the unique voice of Eli Mattson. He is a good entertainer, really talented, and I can see him doing great shows in Las Vegas and elsewhere.

It's too bad the runner-ups can't have a smaller cash prize and a couple of shows in Vegas. Hopefully this will move all their careers forward.

At this point I cannot even predict who might win. In the beginning of the season I thought the winner would be Neal. Now....not sure at all. I do think it will be either Neal, Nutten or Eli.

I guess we'll know next week. You can see the other performances at the America's Got Talent website.


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