Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Two Books are EPIC Award Finalist

It was nearly 10 years ago that I began publishing books electronically. In 2002, my nonfiction book Three Principles of Angelic Wisdom won a Finalist ebook Award from EPIC (now known as the Electronically Published Internet Coalition™), and in the previous year, the crime novel, Roulette by my husband Don Pendleton and me (then titled One Dark and Stormy Night) was also chosen as an EPIC ebook Award Finalist. This year I decided to enter the 2011 EPIC eBook Awards Competition™. And again, two of my books have been chosen as Award Finalist! The winners will be announced at the EPIC annual conference, held in historical Williamsburg, Virginia, March 10-13, 2011.

The popularity of ebooks has increased tremendously and will continue to do so now with the Kindle, iPad, Nook, and numerous electronic devices. Looking back over the decade, I knew back then it would be the technology of our future, and although it has happened a little slow, it is taking off and is becoming more popular month by month. I hope Amazon’s Jeff Bezos is prepared for Kindle sales this Christmas as I believe they will go through the roof. That means many of our books will sell as well. And for those of us who have chosen to publish with Kindle, Smashwords, and other distributors, we now have the opportunity to publish, have control of our work, and enjoy a sense of freedom. I am a self-published author and am proud of my work. It is also nice that the stigma of self-publishing is dropping by the wayside. Works of quality are being self-published, electronically and in print.

Jon Guenther and I (and a few other authors) for many months have protested among ourselves (and at times publicly) about the uncalled for attitude of writer’s groups, other successful authors, who were or are against those of us who have chosen alternative ways to publish. In other words, to self-publish, without agents, or the NY Biggies. I’m reminded of the Paul Anka song, My Way. And yeah, we are doing it our way. Good for us.

2011 EPIC Award Finalist, Mystery and/or Suspense Novel Category

I’m delighted. Both books are available at Amazon Kindle and at Amazon in print.


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

You go, girl. However you're published, it's a good thing. And hey,k you don't share the profits with anyone but yourself.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thank you for the support! I just discovered you both have published a number of novels over the years. I did not realize that.
:-) I only knew of your book, 7 Secrets of Synchronicity. Good for you guys! You've had great writing careers. And I assume more to come. :-)

Andrew E. Kaufman said...

Congratulations, and well done!

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks, Andrew... :-)

Ricky Kendall said...

Wonderful...great news. Keep it up. You're a treasure..