Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Kindle and the California Gold Rush

Tonight I was wandering around and checking on a few of my Kindle books, ones I did Introductions for and recently published. Books on California History and on the California Gold Rush.

I was delighted to see several of mine on their best seller lists tonight:
California History # 16 and # 19 and # 40.
California Gold Rush, I have three: # 7, # 10, # 14.
Prospecting and Mining # 9
Gold Rush # 4, #15 and # 21.

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All of these are Kindle only, with the exception of Gold Hunters of Early California, which is also available in print. Of course, the positions can change hour by hour at Kindle, but it feels good right now. Out of over 700,000 Kindle books, that ain't too bad.