Monday, May 17, 2010

Mary Higgins Clark, Author of Suspense

“An education is the best gift a parent can give a child.” ~Mary Higgins Clark, Author

Best-selling suspense author, Mary Higgins Clark has released her new book, The Shadow of Your Smile. In this first short video she speaks of the inspiration for her story, and in the second, she offers advice to aspiring writers. In the third video she talks about her book, I Heard That Song Before, a psychological thriller. She reveals in these videos how she comes up with her ideas for her stories. Very interesting.

This weekend, the 82 year-old author spoke at the commencement exercise at Mount Saint Mary College, a private, liberal arts 4-year college located in Newburgh, in the Hudson Valley area of New York. She received an honorary degree, adding another to the many she has been given. She had graduated from Fordham University at about the age of 50 after attending night classes for six years and five of her own children graduated from college and two with law degrees.

She told the nearly 700 graduating students: “Make your story something more than a best-seller. Write it so it becomes a classic.”

How well she knows. She has sold over 100 million books and has won many awards. I read about her life at Wikipedia and her earlier life had been difficult in some ways and I would imagine her memoir, Kitchen Privileges, would be a good read. She will be appearing later this month at the Book Expo in New York.



Anonymous said...

I didn't know she was that old. What a true American success story. 100 millions copies is a lot of book. I've sold 400, so I'm catching up LOL.

Stephen Tremp

Linda Pendleton said...

Well, I think she written more than 50 books maybe there is hope for us. LOL