Saturday, October 17, 2009


This is an important video to watch. It seems they have now changed the procedure for heart attack resuscitation. The immediate response is no longer mouth to mouth but is rapid chest compressions. And of course, hopefully, the opportunity to call 911 prior to beginning CPR.


gemini reg said...

Yes Linda, the American Heart Assoc. has indeed revised the use of CPR but only for the lay public. It's now recommended that you only do chest compressions(fast and strong) without the breaths inbetween because most people cannot remember the ratio of breaths to compressions and the reluctance to do mouth to mouth on strangers. Although its not optimal it has been shown to be better than doing NOTHING. Being a former respiratory therapist, i would agree.

Ricky Kendall said...

Thank you, Linda. This is so very important. I wish everyone could see this video. I'm goin to see what I can do to get them to have everyone at work watch it.

Annie's Wanderings said...

Thank you Linda, I plan on sharing this with everyone I know. For us lay people it's not only effective it's less scary than using the mouth to mouth and the compressions. Thanks again.