Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Isaac Asimov on Writing

Writing can have its frustrations, and often those frustrations do not come from so-called writer's block, but from the business end of trying to get published. So the quote here by author, Isaac Asimov is correct.

“You must keep sending work out; you must never let a manuscript do nothing but eat its head off in a drawer. You send that work out again and again, while you're working on another one. If you have talent, you will receive some measure of success - but only if you persist.” ~Isaac Asimov (1920 - 1992)

Asimov was a very prolific writer of science fiction, science, short stories, and essays. He wrote over 500 books in his long career and won numerous awards for his writings.



Pat said...

It slips my mind right this minute, but some famous author had over 200 rejections before getting his book accepted. Who was it now?

Linda Pendleton said...

More than one, Pat. But it was Louie L'Amour and also Alex Haley. Some authors may have had more than 200 rejections before making it big. You never know...