Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Monday Night TV Shows, Dancing With the Stars and Castle

Monday Night TV

Well, the Bachelor Jason Mesnick apparently stated last week after Melissa Rycroft was picked to fill in on Dancing With the Stars: “I hope and think she will win it all.”

He could be right about that! She’s good and her partnering with professional dancer Tony Dovolani is a great match. If their dance steps don’t win the votes, their big smiles, laughter, and enthusiasm surely will. I wonder if Jason is feeling pangs of regret in giving up Melissa.

Looks like that girl is going to be just fine.

Tony Dovolani and Melissa Rycroft, March 9, 2009, ABC Dancing With the Stars

I love the new show, Castle. I’m really enjoying the characters, Richard Castle, a mystery writer, and Kate Beckett , a cop. He’s a single father, she a single woman. He’s had two marriages, she has had none.

Castle is played by Canadian born actor, Nathan Fillion. He’s been around a lot, even on Desperate Housewives, but I have to admit he never made such an impact on me with his acting until this role as Richard Castle. He’s good (and very attractive and sexy in this role) and I really like the interplay that works so well between him and fellow Canadian actress Stana Katic. There is just the right amount of tease, playfulness, and “game-playing” to make it an interesting relationship. The writing is excellent, dialogue great, and when you have two good actors that can act with chemistry between them, it is memorable and enjoyable. The rest of the cast is good too, but these two really stand out—for me anyway. (damn he's cute!)

Nathan Fillion, ABC's Richard Castle

And I do not watch any of the detective CSI type shows but this one so far does not focus on the violence, as too many do, but it focuses on the murder plot, unraveling it in much the same way us writers might build a mystery story. Maybe that is why I like the show so much. As a writer, I always have scenarios going through my head and I enjoy seeing them in a well-written program.

Stana Katic, ABC's Kate Beckett

I’m hoping Castle is getting good ratings, and it should, being in the Monday ABC spot following Dancing with the Stars.


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