Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Historic Inauguration of President Obama, and Vice President Biden

It was amazing to watch. Obama’s inauguration was so historic and emotional. It seems the significance of this goes much deeper than the historic event of having a bi-racial/Black President. (I loved he was sworn in on Abraham Lincoln’s Bible) I believe the bigger message or hope has been about positive change, acceptance, tolerance, diversity, and equality in all areas of life and that might be why it has hit so many of us a such a deep level...a soul level. And with that comes the emotion, the tears. I think our new President and Vice President will represent us well.


American Prayer, written by Dave Stewart, Bono. Stewart explains why he wrote the song:
"People long for a connection-- whether it is to music, to their country, or to a big idea."


Ruth said...

Tremendous day, and what a cool video!

Bill said...

I think they will represent us well also and it will be a nice change.

Very cool video, haven't seen that before.