Thursday, January 15, 2009

Endings and Beginnings, Shifts of Energy, Miracles Do Happen

Counting the days! Five to go! GW Bush said goodbye to America tonight! Thank goodness. I don’t think he has a clue how unpopular he is, nor does he have any understanding of how he has harmed this country, outright failed it in so many ways. Maybe it’s called denial.

Let me count the ways. I don’t know where to begin, but probably the most outstanding event has to be the Iraq War, and the supposed weapons of mass destruction, and the thousands who have died as a result. Following that would be Katrina. It is still disgusting to see that things are far from normal in three and a half years. What a government failure that was! Swept under the rug?—you bet. Anybody want a cheap trailer full of mud, mold, formaldehyde, and other toxins? Rights taken away, torture, corruption, economic downfall.... it could go on and on...and thankfully it will be over with that bunch in five days. GW can sit and enjoy his beers.... and we won’t have to see him fall off couches, fall off bikes, or fall all over himself trying to give a speech...or... What a relief!

I personally feel very optimistic about the change taking place since the election. I’ve spoken with so many who feel it. I mean like feeling the energy shift that is happening. I spoke with a woman clerk today in a very nice department store, a company that filed for bankruptcy this week. We all hope that the small chain of stores will make it. And she was optimistic about that, and also mentioned this positive global shift happening now. Many feel it despite the economic crisis we’re in.

We know Barack Obama and Joe Biden and the rest of his administration really have their work cut out for them in getting our country back on track, and it may not happen overnight, so to speak, but it is in motion and has been for several months now. And that is exciting.

I was in the car today listening to the radio about New York’s Hudson River plane crash. What a miracle that was! Then I thought, why not. That’s the way things feel right now. Always nice to hear how people move forward to help others in a crisis. And thank goodness for a very skilled pilot, co-pilot and crew, and passengers who apparently kept their calm and did what had to be done.

Man, that water would be so cold.....!



Ricky Kendall said...

While sitting here reading Endings and Beginnings..., Elvis Never dies and "Republican" Palace in Iraq, I decided to play the video and listen to Elvis Presley sing "The Wonder of You". Great background music.

The beautiful song and lyrics were in huge contrast, while reading Endings and Beginnings, pointing out in a very emotional light what we expected from our president and what he and his administration actually rendered to us. A certain sadness and disappointment welled up in me. When I got to the last paragraph, referencing the miracle at New York's Hudson River plane crash, the opposition melted and I could see the Creators hand gently, ever so gently easing that plane into the water. At this point I have tears running down my cheeks.

The song continues as I read "Republican" Palace in Iraq and the contrast sets in again, with more opposition than before. Now I'm angry, mad. Who am I mad at? Us, yes USA, for letting this terrible administration disgrace our nation like this.

Maybe the entire world needs background music so every person can see, in a different light, what is happening around them. Music often has the power to lift the soul to a higher purpose and may ultimately result in decisions that are more sound.

May you all have music in your lives. Love, Ricky Kendall.

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks for your thoughtful comments. You are so correct about music and the power it has to lift the soul.

I believe many of us did what we could to try and bring change and to be outraged by a lot of what was happening over these last eight years. Only so much we could do with our votes, our letters. Remember Katrina and what we tried to do long distance? It is amazing that so many had their eyes closed and did not see the damage being done to our country.

So I suppose it is now time to look ahead with optimism and put the past aside.

And to fill in the background with music, music. :-)