Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Marriage Equality Movement, Gay Marriage in CA

I was shocked to see that Proposition 8 passed here in CA, especially after we were inundated with a religious backed, (mainly Mormon, partly Knights of Columbus) commercial of falsehoods and scare tactics. Here locally in Northern CA it must have played every hour or two, and I got where I gritted my teeth each time I heard it.

It so happens that Proposition 8 was not about politics, not about taxpayers money, No. Proposition 8 was about equality, civil rights, and love. Why should anyone care that another chooses to marry–to join in love with another soul–and call the commitment marriage?

We’ve come a long way in our country in regards to civil rights, bigotry, and prejudices, ie., electing a black man by a landslide to our highest office, a man of vision, of humanity, intelligence, and a man with ideals to do good for our country and our place in the world.

Yet, apparently many who cast their vote for Obama here in CA, also cast a vote for Proposition 8. I am left wondering if they actually read the Proposition, or were taken in by the enormous amount of money that was used to advertise falsehoods of the Vote Yes on 8 group, nothing more than a religious agenda to take away rights.

There is now a grassroots movement, and legal moves, to cancel out this Yes vote, and even Governor Arnold... has spoken out to his surprise that it passed. This vote to change the state constitution will be defeated, and it sounds as if the recent legal marriages of gay couples that have take place will be valid.

I just saw the article reporting gay marriages are now taking place in Conn. Good for them.

I suppose it will just take a little more time for gay rights to be in full force, but it will happen. It will happen in much the same way as acceptance of interracial marriage and equality of races. We are a diverse country and those who find it offensive should save their worry and just get used to it. Everyone deserves equal rights, and it makes for a better place.

If you are interested in seeing what you can do to restore Marriage Equality and repeal Proposition 8, check out this link and group:

Keith Olbermann said it well last night on Countdown:


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Ricky Kendall said...

As a gay man, I have known many gays and lesbians who got married. I've witnessed the emotional bruising and bashing of lives pulled into their false pretense of passion towards the opposite sex. Keith Olberman could not have made it clearer or said it better. The Constitution is to protect the minority as well as the majority and the majority does not always win. This is one of those issues. Had we no constitution and every law and decision were made by popular vote we'd still be burning witches at the stake and using gay people for kindling. This is where the term fag came from in the first place. For those who claim their belief in Christ, let me ask them this question. If two people loved each other, would he push them apart and just say no? If passion with love is just for pro-creation, then we have oodles of issues to deal with here. Nobody would be allowed to have sex if unable to have a child. If a couple decided to have no more children, they should stop having sex. Sex has more than one purpose. It fosters love, passion, caring and nurturing. It's not nasty. If a person is born with their passion and love for the same sex, it should not be discounted as useless and shameful. It should always be celebrated and embraced. Same sex passions run through the entire animal kingdom. This is not a mistake by God. It is God celebrating diversity and allowing love and passion especially when adding to the overpopulation of a species necessitates less offspring. God love us all, not just heterosexuals. Believe me, I know.