Thursday, June 21, 2007

Stem Cell Research Veto -- Where are Our Voices?!

We have a determined president–a president who is determined to go against the majority of the citizens in our country, once again. Wednesday, for the second time he vetoed the Stem Cell Research Bill. Scientific research which could save hundreds of millions of Americans from devastating diseases–hundred of millions of people who could greatly benefit from the research and use of stem cells, now and in the future. Whatever the majority of Americans want, we can be assured we will not get it from this Administration. Obviously, it is more important to George W. Bush to follow his own personal agenda. Again, I cringed when I saw his comments with his usual grin/sneer when he pats himself on the back for achieving his personal goal.

How does the man look himself in the mirror every morning? Maybe Laura shaves his face so he doesn’t have to look. He pretends he cares about life?–And moral issues? Sure, he does. He’s shown us how he does by allowing this war to go on, daily military deaths, Iraqi civilian deaths, lack of response to Katrina, ignoring other terrible atrocities taking place in the world, and holding us in fear (if we allow it) of the invasion of Iran or another "enemy" at any time. Seems to me we have an egotistical nut for a president who cares not for human life.

I’m not happy with Congress, either. It is time they stood up for what their constituents want instead of playing the political game. A few Republicans are in favor of the Stem Cell Research, but only in favor if they feel it may gain votes for them? Obviously not enough of Congress is willing to go along with what the majority of the American people are in favor of and override the veto.

Senator John Edwards released the following statement June 20th criticizing President Bush's veto of the Stem Cell Research Enhancement Act:
"President Bush had a simple choice today: direct the full force of American scientific ingenuity towards responsible, life-saving medical research or pander to a narrow segment of his political base. With his veto, he made the wrong choice, pushing medical breakthroughs that could help millions of Americans further away. We need a president who will embrace science-driven policy, rather than politically-biased science."

And Senator Obama stated:
"By vetoing funding for stem cell research once again, the President is deferring the hopes of millions of Americans who do not have the time to keep waiting for the cure that may save or extend their lives. The promise that stem cells hold does not come from any particular ideology, it is the judgment of science, and we deserve a President who will put that judgment first and make this promise real for the American people."

And Hillary Clinton said something along the same lines. Why does it take a Democratic name tag, for the most part, to attempt to stand up for what the majority of Americans want? Our voices are lost in the political, special interest, and corrupt roar that comes out of Washington.

As a child in school, when time came to give a quarter or so for mice to be used in scientific research at a place such as the City of Hope in Southern CA, I decided that research was important and that God intended science to do research, or we would be ignorant to the fact that scientific research could find cures for diseases. And I was only eight years old when I came to that conclusion. Maybe some of these politicians need to go back to elementary school to learn that science and God can blend perfectly well.

Note: I was about ready to post this blog when I turned on The View on TV. The topic was Bush’s veto of the Stem Cell Bill. Joy Baher’s comment brought me laughter (she often makes me laugh) when she said we should ask if George Bush is "Smarter Than a Fifth Grader." We all should be asking that!

~ Linda

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