Saturday, June 9, 2007

Don Pendleton's Bookstore, Books, Comics by Don Pendleton and Linda Pendleton

I have added a Bookstore to my official Don Pendleton Website, featuring copies of books, Comics, and bookmarks, by Don Pendleton and Linda Pendleton. I have included several of Don Pendleton’s Joe Copp, Private Eye mysteries in hardcover and paperback, Executioner: Mack Bolan Comics (some autographed), and additional fiction and nonfiction books by Don and/or Linda Pendleton.

I have designed bookmarks featuring Don Pendleton’s well-known quote, "Live Large," the theme of his Executioner: Mack Bolan original series of novels. Don Pendleton is acknowledged as the "father of the modern Action/Adventure novel." In 1997, the Random House Historical Dictionary of American Slang, Volume II (H-O) was published and gives derivation credit for "live large" to Don Pendleton and his Executioner Series of novels. The phrase has become common usage in recent times.

I also have bookmarks with Dr. James Martin Peebles’ quotations. All items are available for purchase through Paypal.

Visit the Pendleton Bookstore at:

~ Linda

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