Tuesday, February 19, 2019

The Executioner, Don Pendleton Creates Mack Bolan 50 Year Anniversary book

Don Pendleton Creates Mack Bolan

50 Years Ago, Don Pendleton envisioned a fictional character that would soon become a literary bestseller and a phenomenon through which the new action/adventure genre emerged.  Mack Bolan, a professional soldier, highly trained and skilled in the use of military tactics and weapons makes a life-altering decision after the tragic death of his family—his war is at home, not in the bloody fields of Vietnam.  Mack Bolan takes on a one-man war against the evils and corruption of the Mafia.  

This book gives Don Pendleton's insights into the creation of his fictional character, Mack Bolan, and explores why Bolan continues the popularity with readers many decades after he was created. 

Linda Pendleton, wife of the late Don Pendleton shares a look-back at two inspiring men, one, a talented author, the other, a skilled fictional hero.  Don Pendleton's Original Executioner Series of 37 novels, and a Mack Bolan Short Story, continues to be published for fans and new readers to enjoy.  

Now at Kindle and in print.  Coming to other ebook retailers on March 1st 

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