Wednesday, November 14, 2018

The Executioner: Mack Bolan Short Story by Don Pendleton

Willing to Kill—   

"From first word to last, Don Pendleton is in pure form—as is his creation: The Executioner!"
~Jon Guenther, Author

At the beginning of his impossible war, Mack Bolan had not envisioned himself as the arch-foe of the Mafia world.  He had simply reacted to a terribly disheartening situation—in the same way in which any man of like talents and ideals would have done—without knowing that soon he would become the most feared and hated enemy of the crime kingdoms.

Bolan had learned to live one heartbeat at a time—with no thought beyond the next battle line—or beyond the next police trap.  The men behind the badges were, in Bolan's understanding, "soldiers of the same side," but in the official book, Mack Bolan was the largest criminal of all.  And he accepted that, and would have it no other way. 

He had also learned early in his war that he was stronger when standing alone—and, indeed, this was how he preferred to operate.  He was not "operating" at all, though, that fated morning in Dallas when he stumbled upon the Mafia hit team. 

Something large was going down, and Mack Bolan invited himself to the war!

"The name of the game is Hit the Mafia. We'll hit them so fast, so often, and from so many directions they'll think hell fell in on them."

~Don Pendleton, Mack Bolan, Death Squad

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