Monday, December 26, 2016

Writing the Catherine Winter Private Investigator Series

I like the fictional characters I put in my novels ... even the bad guys. While writing, I never know what characters will pop in and want a role in the story.  The characters I create within my own mind, and who find their way onto the pages of my books, may be nothing more than a spark of creation from my own view of life, or from small pieces of others, who may have come in and out of my life, whether it be in a passing glance, a momentary speck of passion, an irritation, a voice, a song, a smile, a frown, or even a word. 

A male acquaintance once asked if my fictional characters in my Catherine Winter, Private Investigator Series, were modeled after anyone I know. My answer was, “Not really.” 

But if he would actually end up in any of my books, he won’t recognize himself.  That is, unless he notices the male character with a small dimple when he smiles, or a guy with a bit of a tease in his voice, or the tall, handsome man who wins the heart of the little kid, or the heart of a mistreated puppy. 

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