Tuesday, February 11, 2014

New Audio Book, "Shattered Lens, Catherine Winter Private Investigator" by Linda Pendleton, Narration by Beth Richmond

My first book in the Catherine Winter Private Investigator Series, Shattered Lens,  is not only available in print and Kindle, it is now in Audio.  I was delighted to have Beth Richmond narrate my book via ACX. She did an excellent job!  A well experienced professional narrator, Beth Richmond has recorded more than 100 audio books, and has been an actress for more than 25 years, on stage, film and commercials.  She brought all that experience and expertise into the recording of my book. 

I do hope you consider listening to Shattered Lens.  It is available at audible.com, amazon.com and iTunes, where you can listen to a sample reading of the book by Beth. 

Here are a few reviews of my print edition book:

“Linda Pendleton's first private-eye novel, Shattered Lens, is a brilliant debut.”
~Richard S. Prather,  author of the Shell Scott Mystery Series.

“The hardcore mystery makes a come-back! Too many mysteries these days are little more than watered-down thrillers. At last, a whodunit in the spirit of a Sherlock Holmes mystery has returned. Linda Pendleton busts out of the gate with her first novel of licensed private investigator Catherine Winter. Winter picks up a young girl for a client--a young girl wrapped up in the glitz, drugs, and porn of Hollywood life--who shortly thereafter winds up dead. And the list of suspects is neither short nor usual.  What makes the book so pleasurable to read outside of the brisk pace is that nothing comes easy for Winter. She has to "earn" it in the same way that Linda has earned her right to sit at the top with today's other crime writers. The inside look at Hollywood and surrounding areas rings with authenticity. As a writer, I've often been disappointed in a lot of mysteries on the shelf but I knocked this one out in no time at all. Yeah, it was just that easy. Part police procedural, part hardboiled, and all entertaining, this one's a keeper.” An Author

“I enjoyed Shattered Lens very much.  Catherine Winter is a good private investigator.  I look forward to more stories.”  ~R. A., Southern California

“Great!  Another page turner I couldn’t put down.  I really enjoyed the main character, Catherine Winter, Private Investigator.  Interesting, no nonsense, but fun, well rounded older gal.  She is just as interesting and sexy as the younger ones.  She’s also a great detective.  Meets up with some interesting characters to solve this crime of murder.  Of course things are never as easy or clear as they seem.  You will definitely enjoy this one.”  ~Anne L Boss

Read the First Chapter Here 

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