Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Jeff Bezos and Amazon's Authors

Here is an example of how well Jeff Bezos runs his company, and why I enjoy doing business with Amazon, as an author and as a consumer of various goods. I sent Jeff  an email direct on Saturday in regards to the Search Inside Feature of a blue triangular icon now being used on several of my print books and those of my late husband, Don Pendleton.  The icon interferes with my cover design and with title text.  I received a phone call this morning from Createspace telling me that Jeff had suggested they call me about my concerns, of which they will take into consideration in making changes to the Search Inside feature currently in a “trying out” period.  I was assured that I was not the only one who has complained about the feature they are redesigning.  I personally believe their “Arrow icon” was fine and mentioned to Jeff in my email, and again to the man who called that I really would prefer they keep the arrow.     

Another time when I had a publishing problem, I sent a letter to Jeff, and within two days after he should have received it in Washington state, I had action on the issue from an assistant of his.

So in my opinion people who rant and rave against Amazon may not know what they are talking about.  (or missing).  I am so pleased to have my books published by Amazon, and to do business with them.  I know of other authors who are pleased with working with Amazon.  For a few of those authors, their self publishing at Amazon has led them to now publishing with Thomas & Mercer, an Amazon imprint.  Andrew E. Kaufman is one of those authors.  His new book will be out in a few days.   

I consider Jeff Bezos to be a visionary and what he has offered authors--opportunity, excellent royalties, and control of our works, has been wonderful.  But even though he said years ago he  wanted to have the largest bookstore in the world, he also offers so much more beyond books.  If there are household things I need, I first look at Amazon—and two days later I have it at my door.    

According to a book review in the Washington Post (the Post is now owned by Jeff Bezos)  of the new book, The Everything Store, by journalist Brad Stone, it is stated: “at 3, Bezos took his crib apart with a screwdriver because he insisted on sleeping in a bed.”

Definitely a kid with a mind of his own, and brilliant.  This "kid" also founded a company for space exploration, Blue Origin in 2000.  See what I mean when I say he's visionary? 

I wouldn’t be surprised if one of his next steps might be to offer foreign language translations of our books.  Even though our books are on sale in several foreign countries now, translation may be next.  I would image there would be a fee charged if that is ever done.  But maybe it would be worth it. Time will tell.  :-)

And who knows, maybe someday in the future he will offer publication on the Moon or Mars.  We laugh about that idea but the late New York publisher, Donald I. Fine had a clause in his contracts that he would have publishing rights on the Moon.  And that is a fact.  Don Pendleton had six contracts with Fine and that was included.  But I never expected Fine would accomplish that, but now, Jeff Bezos could just make it possible!   



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