Tuesday, August 6, 2013

My Cat, Max and His Toys

I wish the pet toy manufacturers would make cat toys that not only will a cat like, but ones that will not be eaten right away.  Today I gave my cat Max a toy:  a stuffed blue bird with feathers and fuzz.  Well, this evening he brought the blue bird to me and dropped it at my feet, now minus the feathers and fuzz, which he ate.  Many times his mice have ended up tailless.  The best toy for him is the small soft rubber balls.  He loves playing with them and we often have a game of kickball.  And one rolling around the bathtub is fun.  He used to fetch and bring them back to me in his mouth but doesn’t do that very often now that he is older.  I look at all the cat toys and none inspire me to buy.  Can’t the toy makers have more imagination??  Or is my cat just too intelligent and easily becomes bored.  Someone suggested the laser light and he just looks at me holding it like I’m nuts!  He doesn’t find it entertaining at all. He has more fun knocking my wireless mouse onto the carpet when he wants me to stop working! 

Does your cat have a favorite toy?

Max is a Seal Point, Mitted, Rag Doll