Thursday, May 2, 2013

The Decline of Newspapers

Yesterday, I received a daily newspaper from a good size city, one I used to subscribe to 6-8 years ago   The first thing I noticed was the smaller thickness.  So I read it.  Or I should say, read some.  I felt like the paper was dirty...not the content but the actual feel of the paper.  I’m used to handling good quality paper in my office, such as smooth Hammermill Laser 24 lb.  (nice and smooth).  But the content of the newspaper seemed to be a lot of advertisement, and much of the actual news was news I had already read on the Internet, even the local area news.  I was surprised to see obits taking up two pages with photos.  I skipped the comics as I always have. So it soon went into my trash can.  I see why cancelling that subscription years back was a good idea. Times have changed, and I realize it may not be good for everyone, especially for those in the newspaper industry, but it is moving forward with new technology.    


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