Sunday, April 21, 2013

Author Interviews

Many of you may enjoy reading or listening to author interviews as much as I enjoy them.  I also like doing interviews of authors.  You can read some of those here on My Drops of Ink Blog, and on this website of mine:  Bunch of Ebooks, Interview Page

You might also like the web radio live interviews (and archived) at Authors on the Air, with Pam Stack.  
This upcoming week she will be interviewing one of my favorite people, best-selling author, Andrew E. Kaufman.  Andrew began not very long ago with the self-publication of his first book, and soon with his second book, he became one of the top Amazon best-selling authors.    You can read my early interview with him here on my Interview Page.  Check Authors on the Air for the time of Kaufman's interview.  

I believe you will enjoy the other successful authors I have interviewed, both fiction and nonfiction authors.  .  Jon Guenther has recently signed a publishing deal for his upcoming suspense novel, Finding Faith; and Bill Craig has a new deal for his Joe Collins mystery.  Author Rod Pennington has done extremely well with his self-published The Fourth Awakening Series, staying in the top numbers in the U.S. and the UK. 



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