Monday, November 26, 2012

Dream! Susan Boyle

Dreams!  I just bought a few songs from the new Susan Boyle album, Standing Ovation, and the songs are very good.  In fact The Music of the Night, with Michael Crawford is great!  But what brings me a smile are the songs she does with Donny Osmond—All I Ask of You and This is the Moment.  And he’s good.  I recall an early interview with Susan soon after being on Britain’s Got Talent and her blushing talk of her “crush” on Donny.  Wow, dreams do come true...I’m happy for her success.  Great talent that could have stayed hidden away, never to be discovered.  I applaud her courage to come out with it!   I’ll always recall the look on the face of Simon Cowell, the female judge, and the audience.  And I have to say, my own surprise.  Classic!  

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