Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Free Kindle book, TIME TO TIME by Don Pendleton

Don Pendleton's TIME TO TIME: Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective novel is FREE today and tomorrow AT KINDLE.

Grab you copy for you Kindle reader or Kindle App.


Melvin Bankhead said...

Hi... longtime fan of your husband's work (specifically, Mack Bolan: The Executioner and the Ashton Ford series). I was pleasantly surprised to find your name on the Catherine Winter series, which I just secured for my Kindle.

A question: I just picked up Ashes to Ashes (I have the original paperback copies of all the Ashton Ford books...I'm just getting them for the Kindle.). Unfortunately, the ebook is riddled with errors in the text -- spacing problems, misplaced hyphens, etc. -- that do not appear in the original paperback editions. Will there be an update that eliminates these errors?

Also (speaking as both an Ashton Ford fan and as a longtime editor), have you considered updating the Ashton Ford series for a modern audience? The books' premise holds up VERY well... I think a new generation of readers would get a kick out of being introduced to Ashton Ford... especially if the tech and events mentioned were modernized, rather than being a product of the late 1980s. (Besides, Ashton really needs to update from his TRS-80.)

Just a thought. :-)

Melvin Bankhead

Linda Pendleton said...

Thanks for bringing the formatting issue to my attention. I looked at my own Kindle book and I did see a few. Now Don used a lot of dashes in his books so I hope that has not messed up format. But these were earlier Kindle uploads, and their systme is much better now. I will go through these and see about uploading corrected ones over the next couple of weeks. And no, I have no plans to update Ashton Ford. I want to leave him as Don wrote him.

Thanks for your comments, and I'm glad you've enjoyed Don's books.