Monday, October 3, 2011

Sales Soar as E-Books Go Mainstream

According to The Authors Guild, Inc.: “e-books are now mainstream. Year-over-years sales of e-books increased 160 percent, to $389.7 million, in the first five months of 2011, exceeding sales of adult hardcovers and gaining fast on adult trade paperbacks.”

And the Authors Guild states that the Book Industry Study Group reports that the percentage of book buyers reading digital titles rose from 5 percent last October to 25 percent in June.

I’m sure e-book sales will continue to “soar,” especially as more and more authors choose to go the self-publishing route with Kindle, Smashwords, and receive a decent royalty, much higher than any traditional publisher offers. It also gives readers opportunity to buy e-books at reasonable prices for their Kindle, iPad, Kobo, Smartphone, computer, tablets, or other devices. And some we haven't even heard of yet....


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