Tuesday, June 7, 2011

California Gold Rush Books and Blog

Last night I started a new blog, The California Gold Rush, for my nonfiction history books on the 1849 California Gold Rush, and other 19th century books I've written Introductions for.

Most are Kindle books at this time, and two are also available in print. I may soon put two more of the gold rush books into print.

Take a look at my
new blog



jones Gill said...

The e-books offered by Amazon for the Kindle machine come in a wide selection from different genres. So you have purchased your own Kindle

Linda Pendleton said...

Jones Gill

I have Kindle on my PC, and often use it that way, but a year ago I also was given a Kindle.

As a writer I am very used to reading off the PC monitor. Both work well for me. And yes, lots of book choices at Amazon, both fiction and nonfiction.

Thanks for your comment.

sheelister said...

Hello, I need help searching for an obscure book I read 4 years ago, in anticipation of my trip to Alaska. It's not about the California Gold Ruch, which I see is your focus. Do you happen to know of any blogs specifically concerning the Alaska or Yukon Gold rush? Thanks for any assistance.
Susan Hollister

Linda Pendleton said...

Yes, the books I've done are about the California Gold Rush. I don't know any thing about the Alaska gold rush. If you do a Google Blog search you may find what you're looking for. Have you checked the Amazon Gold Rush books? I think there are some on Alaska.