Thursday, March 25, 2010

Don Pendleton's Psychic Detective Series of Novels

Private Investigator Ashton Ford has special powers, powers that some call supernatural. A former naval intelligence officer, highly knowledgeable in cryptology and philosophy, Ford will shatter your ideas of reality and take you into a mystical world of vision, intuition, and psychic truth. A phenomenal psychic, unparalleled lover, and a true Renaissance man, Ashton Ford can see into the future and even into the distant past using his psychic powers to assist special clients who are in crisis.

Eye to Eye:
In the second book of the Ashton Ford series, Eye to Eye, the most brilliant astronomers and space scientists of the United States and Russia have mysteriously vanished and officials of both countries are frantically searching for answers. Under the shadow of the world's largest telescope, tailed by agents, and with a lovely lady scientist's life in peril, Ashton Ford takes on the most baffling case of his life, and one that will offer him glimpses into worlds that not even he has ever seen.

Mind to Mind:
In this third book of Don Pendleton’s Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective series of novels, what intrigued Ashton Ford about this sadistically brutal "Jane Doe" case was that there were no clues except a few satanic symbols. The silent, mysterious beauty of the woman, why someone wanted her dead, or why the entire left hemisphere of her brain had been surgically removed, leaving her mute and helpless is the central mystery to be solved. It was the toughest case of Ford's career to reach that silent mind with his own and combat the evils of a deadly sex cult and the mysterious beings who threatened her life. In the bargain, he had to discover from which dimension of time and space these mysterious beings emanate. Many of his answers come to him in Ojai, a small community in the mountains not far removed from Los Angeles, a place always thought to be a paradise, that is, until that image of an enchanted place is shattered by paranormal images that defy explanation.

Life to Life:
In Don Pendleton’s fourth novel of the Ashton Ford, Psychic Detective series, Life to Life, Ashton Ford discovers his sense of an orderly universe is threatened by ideas of spirit communication and past lives.

Reverend Annie was a powerful, stunningly beautiful psychic who gave spiritual guidance to thousands of troubled souls and was preparing to extend her ministry throughout the world. But when her family and followers began dying in mysterious, horrifying ways, she had to call on Ford to discover the truth behind their deaths. Soon, Ford found that the lovely reverend was the center of a centuries-old mystical group now threatened by malevolent and divisive forces. Ford had to wage a cosmic battle in a shadowy realm of the unreal and the unearthly–a world that challenges all that we know.

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Kindle: Heart to Heart and Time to Time.
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All six of the Ashton Ford books are available in paper, AND NOW ALL AT KINDLE editions. Coming later this spring, there will be new editions in tradepaper of Don Pendleton's Joe Copp Private Eye series and the Ashton Ford Psychic Detective series with these new covers designed by Linda Pendleton and Judy Bullard.

If you are looking for someone to design your Kindle, POD, covers contact Judy.

Read about Ashes to Ashes , the first Asthon Ford book.

Read about my novel, both in Kindle and tradepaper, Shattered Lens: Catherine Winter, Private Investigator, and I love the reviews I've received.

All six of Don Pendleton's Joe Copp, Private Eye Thrillers are also now Kindles.

I have put a number of our books into Kindle format and I don't have a Kindle yet!--but I have heard people who have a Kindle, love it.


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