Friday, February 12, 2010

Don Pendleton's Joe Copp Mystery Series Now At Kindle

The Joe Copp Mystery Series by Don Pendleton
Featuring Southern California Hard-Boiled Private Investigator, Joe Copp.

Now Available for Kindle at

Reviews of the original hardcover editions of the six Joe Copp Thrillers

“Pendleton has a great new character in Copp. His style is fresh, the pace is brisk, and there are enough twists to please any mystery fan.” ~St. Petersburg Times

“This Joe Copp adventure reads like an express train. A throwback to the vintage Spillane era, Pendleton knows how to keep us turning the pages.”~Publishers Weekly

“Pendleton proves again he is the equal of Mickey Spillane when it comes to the hard-boiled mystery.”~Flint Journal

“Pendleton, author of the long-running paperback Executioner series, shows in his first hardcover that hardboiled writing can be insightful as well as action-packed.”~Library Journal

“Pendleton is a master of action and dialog and ‘Copp’ is a taut detective story.” ~Milwaukee Sentinel

“A roller coaster ride of mayhem, murder...rollicking fun.”-Publishers Weekly

“Gripping...Riveting.”~Publishers Weekly

“Pendleton deserves his popularity...A real whiz-bang of a story.”~Associated Press

“Action filled...Copp is a likable tough guy...An exciting, satisfying read.”~Booklist

“A fast-moving, even blurring, story of murder behind the floodlights.”~Book World

“Pendleton, author of the highly successful The Executioner series, knows how to write high adventure tales, and Copp In Deep is just that. Good reading!” ~Abilene Reporter-News

“...this mystery with a twist...unveiled in a riveting resolution.” ~Publishers Weekly

Copp For Hire, the first of the Joe Copp, Private Eye thrillers, is a high tension, fast-moving story all the way, with Copp always in the eye of the storm and about to be engulfed in it at any moment. Characteristic of Don Pendleton’s stories, the hero is never passively involved but is the catalyst for action in straight-ahead, hard-hitting pursuit of solutions, although forever at the point of being overwhelmed by the developing situations. This is classic hardboiled detective fare, and Pendleton is a master of the form.

Copp On Ice: Don Pendleton’s Private Eye, Joe Copp, takes on the world of corruption within a sprawling community in Southern California.

Copp In Deep: In a fast-moving adventure filled with high tension and intrigue, Don Pendleton’s ex-cop turned Private Eye, Joe Copp, sinks into a world of greed and corporate corruption, treason, professional sex, and murder on demand.

Copp In The Dark: Don Pendleton plunges his private eye character, Joe Copp into the dark shadows and lower depths of legitimate theater in this fast-moving story.

Copp In Shock: Private Investigator Joe Copp finds himself recovering from a bout of partial amnesia after being nearly blown away with his own gun. A woman is dead, and Copp’s riveting search for answers leads him from Los Angeles to Mammoth Lakes mountain resort where, in his darkest hour, he is in a fierce battle with his own mind and with those who want to eliminate him.

Coming soon to Kindle, Copp on Fire by Don Pendleton.

Don Pendleton is creator of the original The Executioner: Mack Bolan Series of Action/Adventure novels and is considered the "father of the Action/Adventure" literary genre.

The novels are also available in tradepaper.

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