Monday, August 3, 2009

Barry Eisler, Author of Thriller Novels

Barry Eisler, Author
Photo from his website

I’m intrigued by this Northern California best selling and award winning author, Barry Eisler. He writes fiction, thrillers, based around his imagination and research, and possibly influenced by his career choices: his time in a covert position with the CIA’s Directorate of Operations; graduate of Cornell Law School; technology attorney in an international law firm; counsel in Japan at Matusushita Electric; and a Silicon Valley technology start-up executive. He has a black belt in Judo.

He’s written a series of six books featuring his character, Japanese American assassin John Rain. His latest book, Fault Line features new characters: brothers Ben and Alex Treven, estranged and embittered by a family tragedy, find themselves forced to rely on each other, and their very different talents, to escape a deadly conspiracy.

Barry has written an interesting article, Dead Trees is a Dead Model, about his views on ebooks and the effects on the publishing industry now and in the future as a guest blogger on MJ Roses’ Buzz, Balls & Hype.

I read his blog also. It is not about writing (you can find that at this website) but is about his insightful look at politics and news items.

This interview of Barry Eisler is informative and inspirational for any writer or aspiring writer, or just a fan of his books and/or the art of writing.



Ricky Kendall said...

I enjoyed that. I'm not a huge reader of novels. I'm more or a science magazine, news article sort of guy. I have stories I would like to write but they always tend to be short. After hearing Barry, I sort of know why. His love of reading books and novels paved the way for him. I'm thinking maybe I should take a lesson from this and stick to short stories rather than trying to put together great works. I tried with "Heavenly Beat" but it sort of fell apart at about 30 or so pages. I actually feel better about what I am trying to do now. Enjoyed the videos very much.

JO PETERS said...

Hi Linda,
I like these posts on Barry Eisler. As a wannabe novelist, I follow writers and how they do their craft. I am going to make a point of reading one of his books soon. Thanks for clueing me in about his work.
JO Peters